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Tropical Rare Seeds

Buy Tropical Seeds Online From Trusted UK Seed Supplier

We are a seed supplier on ebay who supplies exotic, rare and unusual fresh tropical plants seed collected in Africa and sent from the UK.

Our expanding seed range encompasses vines, shrubs, trees, bonsai, herbs, halophytes, succulents and ethnobotanical plants. Emphasis is placed on plants native or introduced to South Africa, North Africa. Middle East, Asia and the Holy Land. If you are into xeriscaping using desert species or halophytes which are adapted to saline conditions or used for erosion control you have come to right place for seeds and advice. Simply contact us via Ebay with your requirements.

All seed is sent from the United Kingdom and will create plants that will turn your garden, greenhouse or conservatory into your own tropical retreat. Most are hardy outside in temperate parts of the world or can simply be taken indoors as interesting house plants.


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Buy Our Rare & Unusual Seed Via Ebay Established 8 Years




Our shop on Ebay has been established for over 8 years and the excellent feedback speaks for itself.

Simply click below You will be taken to our Ebay Shop where you can pay via Paypal. Most seeds are about £3.99 per packet


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Fresh Seed Collected In Africa Means Better Germination

Our goal is to provide you with fresh seed, provide you advice on how to germinate your seeds and give you ongoing support for the life cycle of your plant.

We collect seed fresh from the current harvest. This means you will have excellent germination result and strong seedlings which do not struggle to get established.


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Seed Sent From UK Means Easy Fast Customs Clearance

Seeds are sent from the United Kingdom within 3 business days. We sent our seed to most places worldwide except those where it is prohibited to do so.


Passionate About Gardening & Time For Personalised Approach

We grow rare, unusual and exotic plants in our own garden that we have only ever dreamed about and also have the time to provide you with a personalised approach. Gardening for us is just not a hobby but a way of life.

We know fresh seed makes all the difference and we have the time to provide you with the information you require to enjoy your plant through it's life cycle.

Support Via Skype & Email Means Germination Success

We are real people and offer customer support via Skype or email.

We pride ourselves on providing on going support and a personalised approach and we want you to have success. We will always give you a 121 response either via email or if you want Skype.

We are delighted to share our knowledge of growing rare and unusual plants with you and make new friends worldwide, if at any stage of plant development you have a query or future requirement simply contact us.

All our exotic seeds are fresh. We also provide detailed propagation instructions which are species specific.


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YouTube Videos Prove We Only Collect Fresh Seed

We are always uploading personalised behind the scenes and "how to" videos to our YouTube Channel. You can actually see us collecting rare and exotic seed. This is the proof that we only supply the freshest seed.

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We are also on Facebook

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A Selection of Silver Jewellery and Devotional Items from the Holy Land

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